Although the effectiveness of Gmail’s anti-spam is no longer to be proven, legitimate emails do arrive in the spam inbox.

This article explains 2 methods to prevent messages from reaching your spam box.

Create a rule from scratch

1. In Gmail, go in the Settings

In Gmail, go in the settings

2. Click on See all settings

All the settings

3. Click on the tab Filters and Blocked Addresses

Filters and Blocked Addresses

4. Click on Create a new Filter

Create a new Filter

5. Fill the From field and click on Create filter

the From field

If you want to whitelist a specific company, enter the domain name in the From field

If you want to whitelist only one person, enter the full email address in the From field

You can use the operator OR in the field From to filter multiple domains or emails.

6. On the next form, check Never send it to Spam

Never send to Spam

7. Finally, click on Create Filter

Create a rule from an existing message

1. In Gmail, open the message

2. Click on the 3 dots menu on the right side of the message

Open the message

3. Select Filter messages like this

Filter messages like this

4. The field From is now auto-filled with the selected address

From autofilled

5. You can continue with Step 5 from the previous method.

How to detect a legit email?

Of course, the difficulty is to detect when you receive a legit email in your Spam folder.

Checking your spam box every day takes time and you have certainly better to do.

Spam-Digest is here to help you. It sends you the list of the spams you received, and you can check in a blink of an eye if your spam box doesn’t contain a legit email.

You can install Spam-Digest for Gmail from the Google Workspace Marketplace

It’s free on your personal Gmail account, free trial for the business Gmail accounts

Published On: October 7th, 2021

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